Otherwise One
Looks Pretty Old
Accident, illness, old age, or all of them together: in any
case, you suddenly need crutches, feel thwarted and
dependent - even for the smallest activities - and disabled in
every respect. Walking aids are unwieldy, disturb when
walking, exert pressure on the hands, are always falling over
and what is more - are not really elegant.

As if one didn’t already have enough problems!

In the meantime, the word has spread that all this does not
apply to the GANYMEDs.
With this device, the point
of contact with the ground
is much further forward; the
gait is given distinct support.

At the same time, the
burden of pain is
significantly decreased,
which otherwise arises
with conventional walking

GANYMEDs are always in
the field of vision of the
user when walking. But not
just that – they never fall
over, because they can be
attached everywhere and
are always ready to hand.

That creates freedom and
provides independence!