Spirit Is Cool
Award 2015 from the
renowned Chicago
Athenaeum/USA is the
latest important
international distinction,
in what has been a
continuous series of
significant prizes for the
widely well- known
predecessor of the

Such recognition, of
course, is not an end in
itself, but is constantly
renewing proof that our
work is going in the
right direction - in favour
of all persons affected.
That is what really
After the laborious
development phase,
GANYMED is once again
focusing on technical
benchmarks and aims to
achieve the limit of what is
possible. The exciting bionic
construction means that the
new model has become
noticeably lighter and has a
higher mechanical load
capacity into the bargain.
Without a doubt, it also
marks the absolute ‘gold
standard’ for this reason
– not to mention the
austere beauty and
discrete charm.

And well-known positive
characteristics have by no
means fallen by the wayside:
never falls over, can be
attached anywhere and
prevents pain!