Nothing Is More Powerful Than An Idea
Whose Time Has Come
The history of mankind is also
that of disease and wars. Even
people in high places were not
spared, although the social
consequences were more
dramatic for ordinary mortals, as
they not only lost their livelihoods
but also their position in society.

That is mostly no longer the case
these days, but it is still
surprising how little inventive
talent has been mobilised in the
last more than 3,000 years when
it comes to crutches.
With the consistent
ergonomics of
GANYMEDs, the well-
known problems
caused by crutches
can finally be avoided.
It is enough to be
reliant upon them!
Photos which are not otherwise
designated were generously
provided by the Prussian
Cultural Heritage Foundation.

School children around 1978.
Photo Nikita Kolmikow

Street musicians around 1932, Weimar Republic.
Photo Bernd Lohse

Japanese music-making veteran in front of the temple in Kyoto, no date. Photo J. Charbonnier

Dagestan by Agwali around 1970, Stemmle Edition taken from 'Die zeitgenössische Photographie in der Sowjetunion (Contemporary photography in the Soviet Union).'
Photo W. Siomin

Chechnya (Grosny) from ‘Crimes of War’, Roy Gutmann, David Rieff. Photo James Nachtwey

1350 B.C. The sick Tutankhamun, Son of Echnaton supporting himself on an armpit crutch. Ankhesenamun – his wife - passing him mandragora to give strength. Egyptian Museum Berlin
A 77-year old Kosovo Albanian greeting a British KFOR tank crew in July 1999.
Photo Tom Stoddart

Extract from the panel dated 1559 ‘The Fight Between Carnival and Lent’. Pieter Brueghel the Elder, Art History Museum Vienna

American GI around 1960/70 in Vietnam after returning from fishing with a small disabled friend.
Photo unknown.