It's a must
Made in Germany
The architecture and the patented bionic
construction are the same in all three models.
There is no "class medicine", only different wishes.

All three models of the physiological
GANYMED® walking aid are proof of
your individuality, and ensure a perfectly
safe step. They make just as complete
an impression in a sporty as well as
in an elegant outfit and match all
forms of attire whether in anthracite or
in black.

If used carefully, your GANYMEDs will be
able to retain their perfect appearance
for a long time to come.

Simply brilliant!
One for all

Ergonomic Soft Touch
€ 93.30/pair

Gold Standard
Elastic Soft Touch
€ 119.35/pair

Cork Handle
€ 147.55/pair

With Independent and Gold Standard the tubing is shiny anthracite in colour with a laser-engraved GANYMED logo
(Fig. Middle)

With Masterpiece, the tubing is matt black with a high-gloss GANYMED logo
(Fig. Title)

The feet are available in three different degrees of Shore hardness:

60, 70 or 80 – according to your bodyweight; anti-slip, for example, on smooth flooring, such as in swimming pools with 60 Shore.

Price per pair € 21.00