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The inner surface of
the hand has 17,000
sensors to register
pressure, movement
and vibration stimuli.
That makes 140
sensors per cm2.

A strong grip of the
hand, such as with
frequent or even
permanent use of
walking aids, promotes
extremely painful
compression of the
median nerve.
About 1 million people
in the Federal Republic
of Germany are affected
by this! As a rule, this
irreversible carpal tunnel
syndrome is corrected
Experience has shown
that such defects do not
arise with GANYMED®
walking aids, as the
necessary closure
pressure on the hands
is considerably less.

With normal crutches -
with their almost
perpendicular support -
a so-called ‘mountain
of strength’ has to be
overcome when walking.
That is not the case with
Conventional crutches
describe a semicircle at
the upper end in use,
which leads to an elevated
shoulder - the hand is also
firmly pressed on to the
end of the handle.
Institute for Biomechanics
and Orthopaedics,
University of Cologne
*Force exerted on the palm
of the hand
Comparison of the
palmar force*
measured on the
right handle with
conventional and
GANYMED® walking
aids, showing relief
when walking.
The force is
measured in
Newtons, time is
given in seconds.

The figure shows
relief of strain at
maximum force with
GANYMED® walking
aids of 31%, at a
through-swing, and
26% in the
supporting phase.
In this way, severe
discomfort can arise to the
joints of thumb and index
finger. An endless cycle -
because in trying to avoid
this, the handle has to be
grasped even tighter.
Better to walk from behind.
It´s Great When The
Pain Starts To Let Up