The Best Is Just
Good Enough
Prototype of
the arm-brace,
sintered model
Load on
the foot,
of the elastic
With the findings of the bionics used in
modern aviation construction, and with the
help of some highly complex software to
imitate nature, an original model was first
produced in close cooperation with the best
development engineers in the nation. That
really came close to achieving the ideal of
self-disposing material in favour of an
extremely low weight - see picture above.

The next steps were based on this idea.

They required repeated simulations with
different high-tech materials from well-
known manufacturers, who selflessly
introduced lots of their own know-how and
commitment in the project with the aim of
achieving a highly innovative, sporty, light-
weight and moreover unprecedented
smart-looking walking aid.

For this, GANYMED wholeheartedly wishes
to thank all those who were involved,
because with their help we have been able
to turn an ambitious idea little by little into a
wonderful piece of reality.
Last open-die
forged rendering
of the fin for
the ball of the
Last analysis of
the load on the
handle support:
everything looks
Video conference
with engineers:
Here design
matching is being
carried out for the
surface of the hand
rest on the handle