Luxury For All
This revolutionary model in four
different versions completely
redefines luxury, because with
a starting price of less than
50 Euros, it is without a doubt
an item for everyday use. And
to top it off, the well-known
advantages of independent
mobility and prevention of pain
now come in an exciting design:

The open-worked, partly
transparent handle with its
haptic illusion of a closed body
is good for the hands and
provides optimum ventilation -
the hand rests are real "hand
flatterers" for different
The fact that GANYMEDs do
not have to be gripped, and can
simply be attached everywhere
is an advantage which together
with the pre-positioned point of
support relieves strain.

The oval, sporty looking and
highly resilient telescopic tube
is also innovative. And with the
special foot which is now
oval-shaped as well, it is
possible to make hard or soft
contact with the ground
depending on the direction
of rotation.

Cloud nine - you must
give it a try!