GANYMED® walking aids are unrivalled, both visually and functionally. They are subtle yet eye-catching, simple and yet ingenious.

GANYMED® walking aids stand out for their state-of-the-art design. They differ considerably from traditional forearm walking aids. Particular attention is paid to their function and construction.

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Light and stable

A GANYMED® walking aid is recognizable by its characteristic upper part. Its struts make it lighter, more stable and a real eye-catcher.

Its rubber foot also replicates a unique design, imbued with technical and well thought out functionality. The special rubber foot can be rotated 180 degrees in the socket in favor of a softer or harder contact point. This function is unique on the market.

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Excellent design

Product designer Karen Ostertag has received several design awards for the GANYMED® walking aid. This is a product that stands out for its unique design and expertly planned build.

With GANYMED®, you have at your side both a walking aid and a high-quality accessory.

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Step by step to a better quality life

Since the main tube of the GANYMED® is placed to the fore of the handle, the centre of gravity is differently positioned to classic forearm crutches. It helps you stand straighter and more upright which prevents or even improves back problems.Thanks to the upper part's angulation, less force is exerted on the wrist when walking thus eliminating wear and tear and lessening the risk of Carpal tunnel syndrome. The GANYMED® walking aid is designed to be perfectly balanced; it can be hung up anywhere and is therefore always within easy reach.


To find the right support for every occasion and context, find your way to GANYMED® - in rehab, shopping, at a concert or an event. The GANYMED® fits every clothes style, every situation and most importantly, you. One design, one support and yet each piece tailor-made. Decide between the Independent, Benchmark and Masterpiece models and choose whether the walking aid in discreet textured grey or elegant textured black should shine alongside you and your mobility.

Model "Independent"
Ergonomic soft grip which can be used on both sides

Model "Benchmark"
Anatomical soft grip, for left and right-hand use

Model "Masterpiece"
Anatomical soft grip made of cork, for left and right-hand use

Grey or black structure

Oberflächenstruktur und Farben
Konfiguration der verschiedenen Handgriffe

Technical specifications

Abmessung A

9 cm

Abmessung B

22 cm

Abmessung C

10 cm

Abmessung D

from 77 to 99 cm, in ten steps with a clip

drehbarer Fuss

rotatable by 180 degrees for different hardnesses


120 kg


1200 g per pair

100% refund

GANYMED® forearm crutches provide significant relief for all types of walking difficulties. Whether you have a short, long-term or permanent disability, your GANYMED® walking aid supports you in every situation.

Unlike traditional supports, GANYMED® crutches clearly facilitates your gait. You walk in a more upright fashion with less shoulder stress. The handle's ergonomic design and angulation place far less stress on your wrists than conventional supports.

You can ask your health insurance company to refund the cost of your GANYMED® walking aid. Health insurers are legally obliged to reimburse all costs provided the prescription is made out as follows:

1 pair of GANYMED walking aids
+ your diagnosis

In the case of privately insured persons, the amount will be reimbursed when the paid invoice is submitted.

According to German law § 33, Clause 1 of SGB V, the rejection of an aid claim by the health insurance company is only permitted if an improved therapeutic benefit can be achieved with another form of treatment. The health insurance company cannot refuse a claim merely on the grounds that the desired aid is too expensive or uneconomical.

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What users say

I am so grateful we heard about your products. They are so much better than common crutches.

Iris Schweikert

I relied on traditional walking aids for over a year before switching to GANYMEDs which I have now been using for about 3 weeks; I am totally satisfied; they are really very comfortable and I would never want to revert.

Frank Lulof

I have been using Ganymede crutches for some years. People notice their unusual design and I am often approached by doctors and passers-by on the street

J. Wulff