I had a left knee surgery on 2003, December the 21st. I could make my first steps on the 23rd , steps which were of course only possible with the help of crutches. As far as I remember, 20 years ago, I was in the same obligation to use crutches, after a broken leg. The use of those “torture instruments” was awful for me, as I had to use the normal standard device. Why? Just because I have strong arthritis in the hands and that on this model designed by the devil, you get the full weight of your body only on those poor hands, without any orthopaedic design on the hard plastic handles. Something else: when I could rest, those two pieces seemed to take their own independence! Impossible to let them holding somewhere! They wanted to show you that they were as crippled as you, by falling with big noise. Of course, I’ll be happy to go by my own and abandon my “Ganimed” crutches, but the life with them has been made better and different. First, the handles! for once, somebody designed them really orthopaedics. Your hands are just resting on them, without any pain, which for me is the most great improvement . And the material with what they are made is soft enough not to hurt, but strong enough to hold, but, and this is great, not sliding, like the normal plastic. As well as the non sliding end which grip good on any floor. When not in use, you can hang them anywhere, put them against a wall or a pole or something else, they will not fall! It is a release in my rehabilitation. Just one little thing: I am an ex sea captain. I could imagine the left one with a nice red circle near the handle, and a green circle for the right one! It would help recognising them with a glance. Good bye and thanks.
Captain Pierre Buisset